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Risk Management Matters – Spring 2021

Financial, Executive and Professional Risks (FINEX)

By Joanne Cracknell and Jonathan Angell | May 24, 2021

Our quarterly publication addressing the latest risks and professional indemnity issues affecting UK law firms.

This time last year we were experiencing our first lockdown. Businesses, governments and families could not have foreseen the journey that laid ahead of us. The effects of the past year are yet to be truly realised but, in this edition, we have a taken a step back to look at the impact this last year has had on law firms and what the ‘new normal’ risk landscape could look like for the profession.

We have a taken a step back to look at the impact this last year has had on law firms and what the ‘new normal’ risk landscape could look like for the profession.

We are delighted to open this edition with an article kindly written for us by John de Waal QC of Hardwicke, exploring the impact COVID-19 has had on the commercial property market.

We also share insights on a range of topics impacting the legal sector in the current environment, such as the importance of business continuity and operational resilience planning, but also beyond the pandemic and the importance of protecting data post Brexit.

We hope that this brochure provides you with some useful content to consider when adapting your own risk management approach to the post-pandemic environment.

Please let us know what risk matters are high on your agenda – we are keen to ensure we focus on areas that are most important to you.

  1. 01

    Commercial property outlook post-pandemic

    John de Waal QC, Barrister and Mediator, Hardwicke

    We are delighted that John De Waal agreed to write an article on the commercial property outlook we are seeing a year on from the start of the pandemic.

  2. 02

    Business Continuity and Operational Resilience: Preparing for the easing of restrictions and beyond

    Joanne Cracknell

    This article looks at how the crisis brought the issue of contingency planning and operational resilience to the fore for firms and focuses on what firms should continue to do to remain resilient.

  3. 03

    Will firms see an increase in Employee Liability claims due to the risks associated with working from home?

    Joanne Cracknell

    Home working has been a different experience depending on your individual circumstances and this article explores some of the risks and benefits of working from home experienced over the last 12 months. Will people choose to return to work in the office full time or remain working from home, or opt for a blended working routine?

  4. 04

    Ten steps law firms can follow to protect data post Brexit

    Joanne Cracknell

    This article considers what steps can be taken during the bridging period in order to comply with the requisite data protection legislation.

  5. 05

    Coronavirus and cyber crime - The ever-evolving threat facing the legal profession

    Joanne Cracknell

    Cyber crime continues to rise in scale and complexity and remains a constant challenge to the legal profession. In this article, we will look at how law firms can minimise their risk of the ever increasing exposure to cyber attacks.


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