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Business culture eats Cyber strategy for breakfast


Cyber Risk Management|Financial, Executive and Professional Risks (FINEX)

By Glyn Thoms and Dean Chapman | March 17, 2021

How does business culture affect the risk of Cyber-attacks in working environments? See the discussion below.
Webinar- Business culture eats Cyber strategy for breakfast

On the 25th February, our cyber team were joined by specialist panelists to discuss how business culture plays a key role in cyber risk in working environments.

Ransomware attacks are rampant

The cyber risk environment continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Ransomware attacks are rampant and the financial implications of a major systemic cyber loss event are a huge concern for all UK companies.

Historically many companies have focused their cyber risk management efforts on technical security controls, but this expenditure can be undermined if the actions and attitudes of your management and workforce are contributing towards heightened cyber risk. Maybe it is time to revisit these priorities?

over two thirds of reported cyber incidents can be directly attributed to the actions of people

Willis Towers Watson’s 2020 Cyber Claims Report shows that over two thirds of reported cyber incidents can be directly attributed to the actions of people or, in other words, an orgainisation’s management and workforce. This is a cultural issue as much it is an IT issue, and one that boards need to be on top of.

In this webinar we considered the questions boards and NEDs should be asking:

  • How has the cyber risk landscape changed in terms of Technology and People?
  • How can you assess how well a company is managing its culture and people risk?
  • What are the latest tools and techniques at the disposal of boards?
  • What can you do to manage the reputational and financial risks?

Thank you to our panelists:

Louis Cooper, CEO at NEDA

Glyn Thoms, Head of GB FINEX Cyber & TMT, Willis Towers Watson

Dean Chapman, Lead Consultant (GB Cyber Risk Solutions, Willis Towers Watson

Andrew Beckett, Cyber EMEA Head at Kroll

Alison Vincent, Portfolio NED and experienced CTO, CISO and business leader in large global ICT companies.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions on the topics covered in this webinar.


Lead Consultant (Cyber Risk, GB) and Director (People + Cyber Solutions)

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