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QiX – Investments Quarterly ideas Exchange Q1 2021


March 23, 2021

Quarterly compilation of thought leadership for institutional investors

This edition of Quarterly ideas Exchange (“QiX”) includes a summary of our recent webcast and small group series: New ways to think, work and invest in 2021. Below is a sample of the content that was covered:

  1. 01

    Change the way we think

    Climate risk is increasingly material to pension funds via its impact on assets and liabilities, but also on a sponsor’s covenant. But this is such a vast topic, where should asset owners start? Developing a carbon journey plan is a good way to lay strategic foundations and identify different ways to incorporate sustainability into your investment process.

  2. 02

    Change the way we work

    2020 was the perfect test of governance, but what makes an effective governance structure? Have a look at this checklist for 10 areas to consider. For those seeking a little more detail, take a look at this paper from the Thinking Ahead Institute.

  3. 03

    Change the way we invest

    Portfolios have been tested over the last 12 months. Has the equity market rebound papered over some cracks in your portfolio? The Portfolio Quality Scorecard can quickly help you assess the quality of your portfolio. With the pandemic increasing uncertainty over how the global economy will perform in the coming years, we’ve put together some interactive dashboards to help you track and monitor 3 themes: Policy shift, China and sustainability

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