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Article | Investments Quarterly ideas Exchange

QiX – Investments Quarterly ideas Exchange Q4 2020


December 16, 2020

Quarterly compilation of thought leadership for institutional investors

Our final edition of Quarterly ideas Exchange ("QiX") for 2020 includes: how to take real ESG action, how ESG in real assets works and the case for increasing allocations to China.

  1. 01

    Unlocking real ESG action in pension schemes

    We believe that allocating just 8 additional hours a year of trustee time will make a significant impact and turn ESG aspirations to ESG action. Focussing on climate action and long-term stewardship can be a vital first step in making this change.

  2. 02

    Investing in China

    Chinese capital markets have continued to become more accessible to global investors and rather than representing setbacks, US-China tensions and de-globalisation are signs that the world is morphing into a new world order. We explain why we believe a greater allocation to China is merited.

  3. 03

    ESG in Real Assets

    We show that real assets can not only provide investments that fit within a well-established ESG strategy but also how it can facilitate ongoing measurements of real-world impacts given their physical nature.

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