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Executive risks and the challenging insurance market

Financial, Executive and Professional Risks (FINEX)

By Eve Richards | August 25, 2020

Eve Richards, GB Practice lead for FINEX D&O discusses the challenges that organisations are currently facing.
Executive risks and the challenging market - Eve Richards

Executive risk has been in the spotlight over recent months. Already under pressure from emerging environmental and social risks, executive boards are now faced with the once in a lifetime challenge of COVID-19.

Transferring risk is no longer straightforward either, insurance markets have fallen away as profitability has proved difficult for insurers, leaving a challenging environment for brokers to navigate.

In this short video Eve Richards, GB Head of Finex D&O, lays out the challenges:

  • A difficult hard London D&O insurance market and the consequences for all businesses
  • The potential for a resulting increase in premiums, reduced cover and less availability of insurer capacity
  • A need to engage insurers early in renewal discussions

Insurance renewals for all firms, irrespective of sector, are going to be a challenge. To ensure your business is on the ‘front foot’ to deal with the hard market, is to ensure that you prepare thoroughly and in good time.

If you would like to hear more on how we are working with our clients please contact Eve.


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