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Deeper dive into work and rewards

Workforce and business implications of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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COVID 19 Coronavirus

By Ruchi Arora , Jessica Norton and Alasdair Wood | May 18, 2020

Watch our experts share results and discuss the impact of COVID-19 on work and rewards.
Workforce and business implications of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Deeper dive into work and rewards

COVID-19 Key survey findings webcast replay

We have received many questions about how work and rewards are impacted by the crisis, especially on base pay, incentives, benefits and leaves of absence. Focusing on the movement from cost control to cost cutting, and the unique situation for each organisation across GB and Western Europe.

Returning to work is a big concern for lots of people now, and there are two key duties for employers. Firstly fair dealing between employer and employee, and secondly health and safety.”

Jean Lovett
Employment Partner - Linklaters

With the varying measures governments are taking the impact on pay decisions is complex. Our speakers share the market activity to date, some client case studies across the spectrum of severe to minimal impact, and look to the future of returning to physical work environments. We also welcomed a guest speaker from a global law firm who answered common legal questions surrounding pay and health and safety in the return to work.

Topics also covered

  • Pay actions based on different employee populations
  • Defining furlough, or extended work leave, to help retain workforces.
  • Cost management and impact on working conditions
  • What legal issues there are surrounding making a pay reduction or leave arrangements
  • What the sustainable rest could look like in returning to work environments.

Ruchi Arora
Senior Director – Talent Management & Rewards Practice Leader, Western Europe

Senior Director, GB Executive Compensation Practice Leader

Alasdair Wood
Senior Director, GB Reward Practice Leader

Jean Lovett
Employment Partner - Linklaters

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