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COVID-19: Implications of Coronavirus for employers

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COVID 19 Coronavirus

By David Hoile , James Wintle , Kevin Newman and Lou Harris | May 18, 2020

Watch our experts discuss impact on businesses, share actions for trustees in their DB and DC schemes, healthcare and risk insurances.
COVID-19: Implications of Coronavirus for employers webcast replay

News and official channels share the facts we need to understand the spread of COVID-19, but employer implications are more complex. During our Great Britain webcast we have provided context and insights for employers as you think through the critical issues around the wellbeing of your employees, as well as the important business continuity issues created by this outbreak.

COVID-19 has all the characteristics of a black swan event.”

David Hoile
Senior Director, Investments

Our webcast on COVID-19 implications for employers explores:

  • The latest and most accurate facts around the economic and business impacts of COVID-19
  • Actions for trustees and employers for their defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes
  • Plans and actions taken to address employee group risk, healthcare and international health and risk insurances
  • Managing your member experience and the practical things you should consider with your communication channels.  

Senior Director, Investments

James Wintle
Managing Director, Retirement

Kevin Newman
Head of Health and Benefits GB

Kevin has the responsibility for the overall operation of the Health and Benefits practice as well as providing consulting advice around the design, financing and delivery of benefit programmes to several FTSE 100 firms and large multinational organisations. He is also a contributor to both industry and national press on major UK corporate healthcare and benefit issues. Kevin has worked for Willis Towers Watson for over 20 years.

Senior Director, Change Management and Communications

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