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AI and the human worker: is there space for both ?

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By George Zarkadakis | March 6, 2020

As the digital world evolves it presents new challenges, including how organisations see themselves, how they think of the future and how jobs have been impacted.

Every company will need to embrace technology, even fashion, whether it’s how they see themselves, how they work, or in the clothes themselves. It doesn’t matter whether an organisation is big or small, without the right strategy, talent and data, it won’t succeed in the digital world

Enterprises are responding to the changes in the retail industry through digital transformation;

Enterprises are responding to the changes in the retail industry through digital transformation; whether through the use of customer data, automation or Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The last of these, AI, enables businesses to do three things:

  • automate work – which impacts business efficiency
  • develop new products and services
  • gain better insight into human behaviour

The Willis Towers Watson Talent Survey 20191

The 2019 Talent Survey was fielded in the spring of 2019 and provides a detailed view into the attitudes and concerns of a representative sample of both employee and non-employee talent in China, the U.K and the U.S., measuring workers’ perspective across a broad range of topics. This year’s survey includes responses from over 6,000 workers across a range of industries The findings below are all compiled from this survey and tell us more about how workers are responding to digital changes.

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Transformative organisations win

Digital transformation involves taking existing business models and strategies and using them to create new sources of value. To do this, organisations need to transform the way people work and build new capabilities. From our Talent Survey, we can identify four types of organisations based on where they are on the digital transformation journey.


31% of retailers.

Their digital strategy is reactive and might include an app or a back-end analytics system. Their digital strategy isn’t aligned with their overall business strategy.


42% of retailers

Leading organisations have aligned their digital strategy and overall business strategy and have a clear plan for digital transformation


11% of retailers.

These organisations have a digital strategy in place, but it’s not connected to their overall business strategy.


16% of retailers.

Transforming organisations have adapted their entire business to ‘become digital’. At just 16%, they are still a minority among retailers.

Insights from The Willis Towers Watson Retail day 13 November 2019




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