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Global Priorities for Employee Benefits: An HQ Perspective

Priorities for 2021

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By Nigel Bateman and Desmond Chung | September 11, 2020

Our survey addresses global priorities and focal points for 2021 on employee benefits and pensions. The results will help set priorities and initiatives.

Each year, multinational organizations invest significant amounts of money and resources in employee benefits around the world. Determining the right employee benefit and pension offerings involves complex decisions and activities — but doing so is critical, as what is offered often plays a vital role in how employees value their company. How can this global picture be optimized in 2021?

Our annual survey, Global Priorities for Employee Benefits: An HQ Perspective, explores the emerging trends and priorities for employee benefits and pensions among leading multinational organizations. Against the backdrop of the global pandemic and the ongoing focus on race and equality, this year’s survey explores:

  • Global minimum standards
  • Employee wellbeing, from an HQ standpoint
  • The role of diversity and inclusion, from an HQ perspective
  • Whether multinationals are resetting global approaches

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