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Pensions and Savings Conference 2019

The new landscape - working together to create a better future

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December 3, 2019

From taking a look inside the Carillion pension scheme to predicting the future of the private pensions sector, experts at the Pensions and Savings Conference 2019 covered a huge amount of ground.

Over 300 pension scheme representatives with billions of assets under their collective management gathered in London on the 2nd October 2019.

They listened to passionate speeches on sustainability from our spokespeople, including addresses on diversity and governance from our Thinking Ahead Group.

Guest addresses were given by speakers including the renowned economist Paul Johnson; Dianne Day, the trustee in charge of managing the transition of Carillion’s DC membership; and Fiona Frobisher, head of policy for the Pensions Regulator.

Read on for the highlights of the day and to learn how you can prepare for the biggest issues in pensions and the wider economy, both today and in the future.

Table of Contents

  1. 01

    The seven features of well-run trustee boards

    Life for pension funds is already challenging. But over the next decade, the pace of change will accelerate even further, said Roger Urwin, global head of investment content in our Thinking Ahead Institute, opening the conference.

  2. 02

    Why diversity matters

    Boardrooms are still not diverse enough, despite concerted efforts to make them less male, pale and stale.

  3. 03

    Five reasons why sustainability should matter to your pension scheme...

    Sustainability is the subject of the moment. However its vital importance should mean it continues to be a key consideration for trustee boards for years to come.

  4. 04

    The next steps trustees should take on GMP equalisation

    GMP equalisation work will take at least two more years to finish, according to the majority of trustees who were polled at the Willis Towers Watson Pensions and Savings 2019 conference. A year on from the High Court judgment in the Lloyds Banking Group case, a panel of experts assembled to talk about the next steps trustees should be taking to equalise pensions for members

  5. 05

    Selecting a master trust for Carillion’s defined contribution plans

    When facilities management and construction company Carillion went into liquidation in January 2018, Dianne Day was responsible for ensuring its defined contribution (DC) scheme members found a safe harbour.

  6. 06

    Are your members sleepwalking into retirement?

    An overwhelming proportion (85%) of the pension funds at the Pensions and Savings Conference believe their schemes should do more to support DB and DC members at retirement.

  7. 07

    How DHL revamped its DC retirement communications

    Freedom and choice may give members more flexibility at retirement, but they also present them with more complex decisions. The DHL Group Retirement Plan had quickly complied with the new legal requirements, but they felt they could do more to help members, explained Lee Spithray, DHL’s head of pension trustee services.

  8. 08

    Paul Johnson: this could be the end of private pensions

    The UK’s retirement system is facing an unprecedented challenge, thanks to a long period of sluggish economic growth, said Paul Johnson, director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies

  9. 09

    Brexit, the DB funding code and intergenerational inequality: in conversation with an expert panel

    An expert panel discusses key issues and the latest regulatory developments in pensions.

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