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The far-reaching impact of cyber-attacks

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By Jamie Monck-Mason and Alex Chittock | October 15, 2019

The far-reaching impact of cyber-attacks – how would you and your Continuity team manage a crisis.

Although much has been written about cyber-attacks and the need for vigilance and proper planning, it is difficult to fully communicate the breadth and depth of the areas impacted by such attacks. Having access to data and systems interrupted is at best annoying and at worst a substantial risk to you and your business.

To bring these risks to life we recently brought together a panel of cyber experts in front of an invited audience whilst a simulated ransomware attack unfolded. The audience played the role of the Business Continuity team with each of the decisions discussed and critiqued by the expert panel. How would you react?

Watch the videos below for a breakdown of the event:

  1. Setting the scene!!
  2. The attack begins- too early to act?
  3. Files have been encrypted – how can we contain this?
  4. The ransom email arrives
  5. Rumours are circulating in the business – should we communicate?
  6. The word is out – does this change things
  7. Should the ransom be paid? Should you engage the hackers?
  8. The CEO is now aware. How do you manage the negative publicity?
  9. Business partners are demanding answers – what do you say?
  10. The BBC want an interview with the CEO
  11. News of the attack goes viral, how do you react?


Watch the Q&A session that took place at the event.

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Jamie Monck-Mason
Executive Director, Cyber and TMT

Alex Chittock
Executive Director - Directors & Officers

Andrew Hill
Executive Director - Product Innovation/Complex Claims Counsel

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