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NATO Cyber Wargaming Workshop

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By Andreas Haggman | August 5, 2019

Games can be much more than a jovial pastime. Beyond academia, the power of wargames has been recognised by various of professions, in particular for cyber security. This is why the WRN continues to get involved in cyber wargaming workshops, e.g. the recent event organised by NATO in Germany.

Dr. Andreas Haggman represented the WRN at a cyber wargaming workshop held on 18-20 June at the German Command and Staff College in Hamburg. Organised by NATO Research Task Group SAS-129, the workshop sought to develop prototypes for gamified approaches to cyber education. As a subject matter expert advisor to the Task Group, Andreas led the Strategy Track of the workshop using his own cyber wargame, based on which R&D and playtesting activities were conducted over the three days.

The workshop led to some significant improvements, which will be used to refine the game as a product in itself, and also fed into Willis Towers Watson's broader thinking and capability development in the areas of cyber threat awareness, assessment, preparedness and defense. The Task Group is due to deliver its final results in 2020.


Andreas Haggman
Emerging risks research manager

Andreas heads up the Willis Research Network Emerging Risks hub, focusing on geopolitics, cyber, technology and future trends. He works to connect academic and other research providers with the company, ensuring that we take advantage of the latest knowledge and tools to shape and enhance our client offerings. Andreas has a PhD in cyber security, has previously studied conflict and intelligence, and has experience in the video games, retail, and defence sectors.

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