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QiX - Investments Quarterly ideas Exchange Q2 2019


April 29, 2019

Investments QiX is Willis Towers Watson’s quarterly compilation of topical content for institutional investors.

This edition takes a look at: downside risk protection, alternative investments, Chinese assets, cashflow driven investments and the latest work from the Thinking Ahead institute.

  1. 01

    "Better safe than sorry" – Downside risk protection for Defined Benefit pension schemes

    In the current volatile environment, when a big correction in markets would hardly come as a surprise, being safe rather than sorry makes a lot of sense. This explains why more and more trustees are considering how to use some of their potential investment upside to protect the downside. Here we explore some key downside protection strategies. Read more

  2. 02

    Alternative Investments – Institutional investors' competitive edge

    Institutional investors have a number of objectives they are looking to deliver against. The long-term nature of these objectives offers significant flexibility on how to achieve them; this flexibility is the key competitive edge that institutional investors enjoy and is critical to success in alternative investments. We look at three elements that are needed to optimise this competitive edge when investing in non-traditional assets. Read more

  3. 03

    Considering Chinese Assets

    China is one of the world's most dynamic economies and measured in many ways, its importance on the global stage is expanding. We take a look at the why, when and how institutional investors should consider including Chinese assets in their portfolios to improve portfolio efficiency and diversification. Read more

  4. 04

    Is it possible to deliver on the pension promise whilst improving the lives of people and the world we live in?

    Yes, it is! Within the Towers Watson Secure Income Fund we have invested in projects that in 2018 alone diverted 1.8 million tonnes of waste from landfill, produced enough clean electricity to power 850,000 homes, helped house 1,230 vulnerable people and much more. All of this, whilst helping our clients deliver on their pension promise. Watch a short video to learn more. Read more

  5. 05

    Cashflow Driven Investment – Solution to the pensions problem, or just a glorified LDI

    In recent months, Cashflow Driven Investment (CDI) has very much been the "talk of the town". But for every voice in the pensions industry, there seems to be a different version of what CDI actually means. Whilst investors seem to agree on the overarching principle of CDI, there are significant differences in the finer details which we explore further. Read more

  6. 06

    Thinking Ahead Institute – Decision making in institutional investing

    Research into decision making shows that while group composition matters, it is far from the only thing that matters. Group interaction matters a lot. Strong decision making emerges when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, so our research focused on: how a group can effectively integrate individual thought processes, relationships, communication patterns and other aspects of interaction into superior collective judgement. Learn more by reading How to choose? A primer on decision making in institutional investing which identifies two key areas ripe for improvement: the use of machines and mechanics of groups and Better decision-making: a toolkit.

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