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Compensation professionals can look forward to solving their biggest challenges with help from Data Interactive

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By Jaap Scholten | September 25, 2018

There are complex challenges and critical decisions to be made in the future of work. Unlock your compensation data potential with Data Interactive.

Unlock your compensation challenges

Compensation managers now must navigate through an increasingly digitalized business landscape, where talent requirements are changing constantly. As organizations around the world struggle to secure the right talent, there is increasing pressure on compensation professionals to deliver an effective strategy for long-term growth and competitiveness in the digital economy.

New challenges need new solutions

In this era of sophisticated and intelligent technologies, compensation managers must have access to next-generation tools and systems that can support them through the growing complexities of getting compensation right. Willis Towers Watson addresses this need with our new global, online platform for delivering products and surveys — Data Interactive. Data Interactive is a new feature set in Willis Towers Watson’s powerful Compensation Software, providing access to over 1,400 surveys and reports. The intuitive interface of Data Interactive is designed to deliver a seamless experience — bringing together compensation data, software and advisory with just a few clicks.

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Simplify administrative tasks with straightforward functionalities:

  • Access market data for all survey jobs
  • Quickly access and download presentation-ready reports
  • Download multiple products simultaneously
  • Combine multi-country surveys of one type into a single file
  • Easily manage user permissions – control who can view, plus edit, any of your data cuts
  • Share peer groups with your colleagues at any time
  • Navigate an interface that speaks your language
    • Localized versions are available in Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, European Spanish and UK English
    • Coming soon in Latin American Spanish, European French, German, Russian and Italian

Access advanced features that give you more control:

  • Set up customizable peer groups once and reuse them over and over again
  • Define peer groups using multiple variables, including revenue range, geographic scope and industry sector
  • Drill into the specifics of one or more roles – without having to download a single file
  • Configure your views and reports to only what is interesting or relevant to you
  • Combine survey jobs – including disciplines, career levels and global grades – to develop market data for roles with multiple responsibilities
  • Determine your company’s competitive positioning relative to the market

Further boost your productivity by adding the Analytics and Design module onto your Compensation Software subscription. With this added feature at play, you can do everything compensation-related on one integrated dashboard.

  • Benchmark jobs across multiple vendors and multiple countries year-over-year
  • Easily implement alternative pay designs
  • Develop and manage salary structures on one seamless interface
  • Visually understand your competitive position where you operate
Willis Towers Watson Media 

There are complex challenges and critical decisions to be made in the future of work. Compensation professionals can do much more and worry less with the right end-to-end technology. Unlock your compensation data potential with Data Interactive.

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