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Brexit and implications for job movement in the financial services sector

International Insights on Brexit

April 11, 2017

Brexit is a catalyst for change for organisations in the UK and across Europe. Is there likely to be much job movement as a result?

Which destination countries are businesses and employees likely to favour and what criteria might these decisions be based on? Will it be the need to attract the right talent to a particular place or the level of pay, terms and conditions that businesses will be most focussed on? The answers to these questions will become visible over the next few years, however, organisations want to be clear as soon as they can on their next strategic move in light of Brexit in order to be forward looking in their actions as opposed to suddenly having to respond to changing business dynamics around them.

It has been widely documented that financial services companies are reflecting on the impact Brexit will have and many are already considering the relocation of some job roles and people.

In this article we explore how this movement of labour might pan out, when considering the implications of Brexit from a human capital perspective.

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