MIX – Manager Ideas Exchange 2019

Annual update to the asset manager community

June 14, 2019

New innovative ideas are vital to the quality of our research and ability to deliver superior investment outcomes to our clients. We are keen to maximise opportunities to exchange new ideas and use a variety of channels to share our thinking and gather thoughts from the investment industry.

This paper has been put together by Willis Towers Watson’s research team to provide you with:

  • A snapshot of key numbers relevant to our business in 2018
  • Some developments in the evolution of our manager research process
  • Key research priorities for 2019
  • A selection of thought leadership pieces that we thought you might find useful.

The asset management industry is going through significant structural shifts with lower revenue growth, shrinking margins, increasing regulatory requirements and technological disruption. There is also growing societal pressure to redefine the purpose of the industry and the way it seeks to create value for the wider range of stakeholders, which includes clients, employees, and shareholders as well as society and the planet.

We believe successful asset management firms of the future do not dodge industry realities but embrace the opportunity to change the way they do things. As a result, our understanding of what forms a sustainable competitive advantage for an asset manager of tomorrow now includes a much stronger focus on how asset managers incorporate sustainability, and how they evolve their cultural edge and emphasise inclusion and diversity.

We enjoy our partnership with asset management firms and are grateful for your efforts to help create great investment outcomes for our clients. We look forward to continuing this journey together and changing investment for the better.

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