Global Investment Matters - 2018

April 3, 2018

Together with our clients, we are responsible for trillions of dollars that these savers will rely on over the long term. Whilst we and our clients spend much of our time dealing with the here and now of managing asset portfolios, we all know that it is the long term that matters the most.

To help keep the focus on the long term in Global Investment Matters, we have created a series of short articles that address specific issues that are important for long-term returns such as integrating sustainable investment into the entire investment process to achieve full value, the importance of investment beliefs, implementing delegation to manage risk and return, cutting unnecessary investment costs, developing smart leadership and sound fellowship, incorporating a megatrend framework into the investment decision-making process, the rewards of taking a long-horizon investing approach as well as the benefits of applying a bespoke modelling framework. In each article we offer tangible steps that asset owners can take for long-term benefit as well as highlighting key considerations asset owners need to take into account during the investment decision-making process.

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