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Survey best practice: How to select the right mix of survey questions from the library

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By Andromachie Lella | October 29, 2020

This short article provides four tips to support your efforts based on the feedback you seek to effectively measure the topics you are focusing on.

Although having a lot of options is generally a good thing, this could sometimes make a decision more difficult. This can happen when you're trying to design your survey by reviewing 600+ questions in the Willis Towers Watson Employee Engagement Software library. For the best experience, follow these simple steps:

Focus on the broad topics first

There's no point trying to decide between questions if you are not clear on what topics you should be measuring. Get feedback from stakeholders (within your team and across the company) in order to determine on which topics to focus. Frequent pulse surveys often target a single topic area; more periodic and broader surveys can cover 10 topics or more.

Balance curiosity with practicality

Some of your selected topics may be quite complex and multi-faceted, meaning you would need multiple questions to cover them adequately. However, it's important to remember that the more questions you add, the longer it will take for employees to participate and for you to analyze the results. We recommend asking three to four well-chosen questions per topic.

Context is king

Isolated survey scores only tell you half the story. Relevant benchmarks are what help clarify the context and focus the minds of senior leaders. While you're browsing the library, make sure to check the comparison availability for any relevant norms and past surveys. It's best practice to include questions that have at least one available comparison.

Questions with purpose

Lastly, consider how you can use what you learn to enhance the employee experience at your company. If a question is not something the company can control or manage, then a different question will likely be a better choice.

We're in this together

If you're still finding it difficult to select the right question, or need help managing your stakeholders, our Willis Towers Watson consultants are available to support the design of your next survey. With decades of experience and a flexible approach, they can help design a questionnaire that meets your objectives and sets you up for success in your listening program.

You can start designing your next survey today by logging in to Willis Towers Watson Employee Engagement Software or contacting us for a demo.


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Andromachie supports Willis Towers Watson Employee Engagement Software users through training videos, online help topics and the design of new features. When she’s not working, Andromachie loves to cook, draw and listen to podcasts. Follow Andromachie on LinkedIn.

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