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Employee Experience (EX)

We help you design and deliver a Talent Experience (TX) that drives a high-performing culture, empowers leadership and attracts the people your organization needs to be successful today and tomorrow.

The world is increasingly complex; businesses today face rapid technological change and fierce competition for talent that seeks meaning and purpose in work.

To attract and retain the people that will drive your business forward, you need to define a Talent Experience (TX) that answers fundamental questions like:

  • Why are we here? Where do we want to go as a business?
  • What’s it like to work here? How can I grow and progress?
  • Who do we impact? How are we making a difference to our customers and beyond?

Willis Towers Watson can help you by defining your organization’s TX - the heart of making your business stronger, delivering outstanding customer service and inspiring amazing people to work for you.

Connecting the layers of experience

Our TX thinking connects the many layers of the work experience. We put purpose at the center of your TX – it’s the “power of why” that drives meaningful work. When all these layers work together with your purpose at its center and your culture as the environment – powered by your values – you transform your business, inspire people and drive business success.

How we partner with you

We work with you to shape your TX in three primary steps:

  1. Discover your current TX – using global and local insights, and working with senior stakeholders to measure current state and gain buy-in.
  2. Design the aspiration – creating the TX framework, which prioritizes the people strategy. Our experienced brand design team  brings the TX to life.
  3. Deliver the TX – activate people interventions and launch communication deliverables. Measure success through our TX Success Index to establish lasting benchmarking of progress.
Title File Type File Size
TX Success Index PDF 1.2 MB

Throughout the project, we apply agile methodology to the way we work, the way we think and the way we deliver. We know that the principles of Agile – collaborating with small efficient teams, focusing on tangible outputs by sprint and adapting and learning to deliver in a flexible way – make all the difference.

The bottom line

Willis Towers Watson is here to help you design and deliver an inspiring TX – one that will drive your people and your business forward today and in the future.

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