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Willis Towers Watson helps institutional investors build portfolios that seek to deliver differentiated investment outcomes, both from a return and risk perspective. As an investment solutions provider with multi-asset capability and a fiduciary mindset, we focus on innovation and changing the investment industry for the better.

This requires a different approach to manager research. First we identify investment opportunities with an attractive risk adjusted return. We then partner with some of our highly rated asset managers to develop innovative products that suit our clients’ needs.

Our global scale allows us to carry out comprehensive research and engage directly with what we believe are leading asset managers in all major markets.

We specialise in finding, researching and monitoring the best asset management firms in the world. The primary aims of the manager research team are to:

  • Find best value added investment opportunities net of fees around the world and across all asset classes
  • Deliver best investment outcomes to our clients and sustain our long-term track record of outperformance
  • Focus on innovation and develop differentiated products in partnership with asset managers.
  • Ensure our best ideas inform our fiduciary management and investment solutions to deliver great outcomes for our clients

How our process is different:

  1. 01

    Identify and isolate

    We identify and isolate the best investment opportunities offering the best risk-adjusted total returns. Then we find the best in class, specialist managers who can execute on the investment opportunity. We do this by using proprietary technology to cover the full universe and free up our research analysts to identify, build exceptional depth of knowledge, and engage with asset managers capable of delivering sustainably differentiated returns aligned with our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and culture selection criteria.

  2. 02


    We work with specialist asset managers to design the optimal mandate to help ensure we are isolating the investment opportunity, playing to their particular strengths and maximising how it might fit with the rest of the portfolio.

  3. 03

    Value for money

    We help deliver value for money, by working in partnership with asset managers so clients can benefit from our scale and intellectual capital when creating innovative new implementation options, all of which we pass through to our clients.

Annually we research more than 12,000 investment products managed by over 4,000 asset managers globally. We have designed and helped to launch in excess of 100 new products for our clients over the last 10 years.

Source: Willis Towers Watson December 2018

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