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Cargo Claims

An experienced global team with many years of cargo specialist claims management.

We see our role in the simplest of terms:

Expertise and experience

We are confident in negotiating large, unique and complex claims. We can leverage our market relationships to achieve outstanding results — obtaining settlement for clients where other brokers may have failed to deliver successful outcomes.

Going above and beyond
  • Achieving excellent turnaround times.
  • Finding the right solution in the most complex of situations.
Practical guidance
  • Can we assist with your contractual disputes?
  • Are you paying too much for your surveys? Would you like advice on risk control?
  • Can we review your wordings with potential claims scenarios in mind?
  • Are your levels of self-retention at the optimum level?

We are happy to work with you to provide training for your teams.


Our Claims Advocacy model ensures the right team is there to help you.

Claims expertise – for some practical examples on how we support you at critical times, read our Claims Advocate Diary here….

Claims advocate diary: From teamwork, via training to innovation and pirates... another interesting week beings and ends...


The week starts with our regular early morning team get together.

This is a crucial part of our week and ensures the team is made aware of all new cases and the status of other claims. It’s our chance to identify potentially complex claims at the earliest possible moment. We can then make sure we are allocating the appropriate resource to each new case.

Today there have also been some interesting developments on a couple of claims which we discussed across the team, providing helpful training to some of the junior claims advocates.


A new client to Willis Towers Watson Cargo has had the misfortune to suffer from a number of claims which their previous broker advised were not recoverable.

The client executive in the broking team is keen that we are actively involved in the review of their wording with the aim of reducing the potential of further, uninsured losses, so we sat down today with the client to understand the detail surrounding these cases.

As the client is an aid agency working in challenging geographies we’re focusing on the coverage needed, rather than the cover that the cargo markets usually give. The client appears to be relieved that we’re keen to understand the world they are operating in and we are happy to be involved in developing a new coverage solution for this client.


I took an interesting call this morning.

A client of a Willis Towers Watson office in Europe has a claim which they are arguing is recoverable but underwriters are refusing to pay.

Being exposed on a regular basis to a large variety of cargo claims, I’m happy to provide some practical advice to the local office, including any additional arguments which may improve the likelihood of a successful negotiation of the claim.

In the event that the discussions do not lead to a positive result, I also provide them with some guidance as to seeking a recovery from other sources. In this particular instance I am confident that a good recovery agent will help mitigate this loss for the client by going against the ship owner and advise accordingly.


The broking team recently started working on behalf of a new trading client operating worldwide.

Their existing claims process had not worked particularly well in view of the frequency of their guaranteed outturn (GOT) losses.

Today we discussed the issue with the account executive. I’ve suggested that we bespoke a fast track claims system with these claims in mind. The account exec agrees and I will be tabling the idea with the lead insurer’s head of claims this afternoon.

Our suggestion will save the client a great deal of unnecessary admin and speed up the claims process. Fingers crossed she agrees.

After my meeting – decision to be confirmed tomorrow, I dash to City Airport for my flight to Geneva.


The end of the working week starts in Geneva, where several of the team are running a cargo insurance workshop on behalf of one of our clients.

The client’s young team is keen to learn and we have a great morning, running through the Cargo Clauses, with a focus on specific claims scenarios. Over lunch we’re asked to share some of our more memorable claims experiences – my personal favourite being the Venezuelan milk powder warehouse explosion which spread to the neighbouring firework factory – reminding me once and for all why being a claims advocate is never dull!.

Just before I board the plane, I receive confirmation that the fast track system has been agreed, reducing paperwork for our trader and speeding up the claims recovery process. A quick call followed by email to confirm and I end the week with a happy client.


It’s 8 am and my Sunday morning cup of tea is punctuated by my mobile phone ringing.

A long term Willis Towers Watson Cargo client has learnt that their cargo of oil is currently in the hands of pirates in the Malacca Straits.

I quickly co-ordinate with lawyers and a specialist security company is instructed. I go back to the client to update and reassure, whilst keeping underwriters notified. I follow up the call with written confirmation of the actions taken to protect the client’s cargo interests and ask them to send me all the necessary claims documents at their earliest convenience.

I wonder what Monday will bring …

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