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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has disrupted daily life as we know it, roiled financial markets and instilled fear and uncertainty in many, challenging leaders in government and business to allay concerns and respond to the crisis. We are approaching the array of issues COVID-19 presents through the lenses of people, risk and capital, creating content daily in these three areas to help business better understand and manage the crisis.

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Protecting people

With virtually the entire country practicing social distancing, most employees who can work from have been doing so. Working from home presents its own challenges, among which is ergonomics.

Another concern for employers is the impact the pandemic might have on drug supply chains, but there are steps employers can take to help ensure employees have access to critical medications.

Throughout the crisis, maintaining communications with employees can help them through this challenging time and demonstrate that leadership cares about their wellbeing.

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Managing risk

In terms of risk, the first question many are asking is, “Will my insurance cover losses associated with COVID-19?” Coverage depends on several factors, primarily the type of coverage, the nature of the loss and the policy itself.

But managing risk goes far beyond insurance. For example, how to handle employees who were overseas who would like to return home. When to encourage colleagues to go back into the office. And how to help protect essential employees who must work during the crisis.

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Safeguarding capital

The COVID-19 pandemic has already had a deep impact on capital markets. And its long-term impact will not be understood for some time. Businesses should take a long-term perspective but be prepared for a recession, which is likely.

Preparing for recovery

The COVID-19 crisis has only magnified and accelerated the fact that organizations are facing widespread uncertainty, ambiguity and transformation as we shift toward a more global and digital world. The way organizations lead and manage in this new normal is critical to business performance and their ability to remain competitive and relevant.

The organizations of tomorrow that will succeed must develop detailed business continuity plans, careful risk management and resilient workplace cultures. Organizations should examine operations and create scenario tests to validate their risk management and business continuity plans. At the same time, employees are expected to keep pace with the evolving workplace (in many cases virtually), adopt new technology and processes, update their skills and competencies, and stay engaged and productive.

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Quick access to all of Willis Towers Watson's coverage of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) insights and research.

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