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Property and casualty insurance industry reserving survey

Participate and get insights on current industry practices and priorities for future investment

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May 29, 2019

Answer the P&C insurance industry reserving survey and receive a report that examines reserving processes, practices and investment priorities.

Stakeholders from chief executives to regulators are demanding more from the reserving function. The immense value in business intelligence from the reserving function in the form of data and robust, experience-based insights needs to be unlocked. This is key to the success of the insurance industry and a significant competitive advantage.

We are surveying senior reserving actuaries to benchmark current industry practices and priorities for future investment — and we invite you to participate. All participants receive an exclusive report based on analysis of the aggregated survey results. This is a great opportunity to compare your organization’s practices with those of the industry.

Some of the issues the survey will explore include:

  • What areas of the reserving process are the top priorities for investment?
  • How far along is the industry in developing cutting-edge methodologies, such as stochastic reserving, individual claim reserving and use of intelligent automation — and is the investment providing returns that exceed the costs of implementation?
  • How strongly is the reserving process integrated with the other business functions of the industry?

To participate, please email and request your unique survey link.* The deadline is Friday, July 19.

*Note: We request only one submission per company.

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