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Making a difference at Micron

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October 16, 2018

Learn how Micron partnered with Willis Towers Watson to deliver a personal, consumer-grade HR experience for team members and improve their employee experience.

Micron is a world leader in innovative memory solutions that transform how the world uses information. With over 20,000 patents and 35,000 team members in 17 countries, Micron sees data as the new world currency, and knows companies need a lot of memory in order to access that data. But it’s their global team members that are integral to their success.

That’s why Micron’s HR department is on a mission: To help team members feel valued by creating exceptional workplace experiences. It’s fundamental to their HR strategy and a team member experience mindset is woven into everything they do.

According to Amanda Blumenstein, Sr. Manager of Team Member Experience at Micron, “prior to introducing our new HR portal solution to team members, we had merely a collection of static webpages, with standard content instead of being truly personalized. The experience was difficult to navigate and varied for team members around the world. We really wanted to step up our game and deliver a personal, consumer-grade HR experience.”


The team member experience program at Micron helps team members feel valued through exceptional workplace experiences


By embedding a team member experience mindset in the design and improvement of HR and other programs


Because Micron’s ability to evolve and deliver differentiated value to its customers relies on the dedication and innovation of its global team

Bringing the employee value proposition to life with Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software

Micron wanted to create an HR portal to help personalize team members’ experiences with their HR programs by dynamically pushing out content to targeted groups of employees. Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software was a great fit.

With the help of Willis Towers Watson, Amanda and her team envisioned and designed their HR Portal, known internally at Micron as myHR, and sought to bring value to team members in three ways.

  1. A personalized experience: myHR brings an intuitive user interface enabled by data to individualize the team member experience. It allows Micron’s HR team to reach team members wherever they are in the world with custom content and information. Through myDashboard, key team member data is displayed on one dashboard, allowing team members to see their time off, retirement and stock account balances as well as other helpful HR program information.
  2. An integrated one stop shop for all HR program information and tools: With unified access to HR technology components, myHR is seamlessly integrated with single sign on, employee self-service and manager self-service as well as a data dashboards to provide team members with their personalized HR and benefits information including medical and dental benefits, life and disability elections and 401(k) account balances.
  3. The ability to optimize and build on its success for the future: With consulting expertise from Willis Towers Watson, the HR team at Micron built out a content creation and governance structure that continually optimizes the team member experience. In combination with a personalized communication approach, the integrated case management system of Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software, referred to at Micron as HR4U, allows Micron’s HR team to seamlessly manage employee inquiries, track questions, and route work across various expert HR functions globally under their “one HR” support model.

In less than a year, 100% of all team members logged into myHR around the world and more than one fifth of global team members log in daily. It has introduced a new level of individual personalization to team members, ultimately fostering a supportive work environment where team members thrive, engage in meaningful work and bring their best selves every day.

Willis Towers Watson has a truly unique set of solutions that integrate HR software products with consulting services and personalized data. That powerful combination is what brought our portal to life and helped us create an exceptional employee experience for our team members. The implementation team at Willis Towers Watson were true partners; they had the tools and knowledge to successfully lead us through our myHR launch.
— Amanda Blumenstein, Sr. Manager, Team Member Experience at Micron

What’s next for team members at Micron?

Looking to the future, Amanda and her team continue to improve the team member experience. They have introduced Google Analytics into the portal for expanded reporting and insights. They plan to introduce new audiences to myHR including onboarding content for new hires, toolkits for hiring managers, and guest sites for spouses, pre-hires, job seekers and applicants. They are building video content into the portal and continuing to employ design thinking to improve the team member experience. They also appreciate the opportunity to be part of a collaborative team of other Willis Towers Watson clients who share best practices and help to influence new Willis Towers Watson product design.

Best practice tips for developing and managing an HR Portal from Micron

Employ design thinking* as part of the development process

Leveraging this best practice ensures employee experience is developed from the perspective of employees – not aligned to how HR thinks and works

Establish formal governance protocols

Sustaining engagement over time is key to an ongoing dialog with employees – promoting the culture, demonstrating the value proposition, and supporting employees when they have questions

Establish a content review process that keeps both static and dynamic content fresh and relevant

A personalized experience has a powerful impact, and can be achieved with existing resources and industry-leading tools

*Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving that utilizes elements from the designer's toolkit like empathy and experimentation to arrive at innovative solutions.

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