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The manufacturing sector is a vital part of the world’s economic success yet operates in an uncertain environment. Trends such as globalization and a drive toward sustainability create a complex and highly competitive landscape where the winners will be those who anticipate change and have robust risk management.

We look at your manufacturing drivers such as focus, customer insight, brand property, cost and efficiency, talent, innovation, agility and alliances in the context of the global risk environment. We then review your exposures and recommend areas for action, from instituting business resilience and recovery plans to servicing efficiencies and areas where meaningful cost reductions can be made.

Areas where we have particularly deep levels of insight include supply chain risk management, managing product recall and product contamination as well as satisfying regulations across multiple territories and jurisdictions.

In addition to helping you with your risk and insurance needs, Willis Towers Watson has a wide range of services and solutions to enhance workforce productivity and performance, helping you to cultivate and grow talent while balancing costs and rewards. From employee benefits to executive compensation, we take a rounded perspective, based on leading-edge thinking, data, analytics and software, unearthing new ways to motivate people, foster wellbeing and implement solutions that work.  

We understand how technology – automation, artificial intelligence and robotics – are changing not only how work gets done but the very nature of work itself and the evolving role people are playing in this new landscape.

Employee benefits

We combine operational expertise with user-centered design to help organizations of all sizes, across all industries and all levels of complexity, unlock their benefit strategy and deliver an engaging employee experience that instills confidence and satisfaction.

Optimizing capital

Willis Towers Watson can also help you optimize capital with market-leading financial and capital modeling, tailored asset management, and buy- and sell-side merger-and-acquisition advice and support.

With our innovative, holistic approach to people, risk management and capital, Willis Towers Watson can help unlock potential to reach your goals.

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