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Market Security – Reinsurance

The Market Security Group is a centralized function of Willis Towers Watson reviewing the financial security of reinsurers with which Willis Re works globally. The information the group collects enables Willis Re brokers to help you select your counterparties, based on the carrier’s financial status.

The insurance industry has faced serious challenges and seen many changes over recent years, which have had particular effect on the field of insurance and reinsurance security.

Stagnant western economies, stuttering emerging markets, sovereign crises, “lower for longer” interest rates and evolving regulation have all significantly impacted market dynamics.

The intense competition and soft market conditions that pervade many markets present significant challenges when juxtaposed with increasing economic volatility and claims burden.

Helping clients to make consistent, informed decisions

Willis Re believes that Market Security can serve a key role in providing information to Willis Re’s broking clients to help them make informed decisions around the selection of (re)insurance counterparties against this background of change and potential for uncertainty.

Market Security monitors the security of insurance and reinsurance markets working with Willis Re using information from a wide range of sources including that produced by recognized rating agencies.

Note: decisions on the suitability of any reinsurer rests with our clients and we will discuss any concerns you may have.

Secure, customized and interactive web portal

Risk Intelligence — Market Security is a secure, customized and interactive web portal available to clients. It provides detailed up-to-date information on reinsurance entities, including fact sheets, rating information and independent research.

Notifications of ratings changes are immediately alerted to the client via email and information contained in the system can be exported to facilitate further analysis.

Consultancy and bespoke client services

Using factual analysis, we can offer clients a range of bespoke Market Security support services, including helping clients with their own decision making process around the selection of reinsurance counterparties.

DISCLAIMER: Willis Towers Watson does not guarantee the security of any (re)insurer when recommending (re)insurers for clients. Willis Towers Watson Market Security / Willis Re does not offer advice in relation to tax, accounting, regulatory, legal or investment matters and you must take separate advice as you consider necessary regarding such matters. This information/site is not prepared for and should not be construed as providing investment advice or services. Willis Towers Watson assumes no responsibility or duty in tort, contract or otherwise to any third party in respect of this information/site.

The Market Security team has consistently demonstrated its ability to provide very high quality insight on (re)insurance companies’ financial stability and business models for the benefit of both Willis Re’s clients as well as internal risk management. They are a hugely valuable resource to Willis Re and Willis Towers Watson as a whole.”

James Vickers | Chairman, Willis Re International

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