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Aerospace Reinsurance

Our skies have never been busier. With upwards of 100,000 flights taking off from many thousands of airports across the globe every day, and new objects being launched almost daily to join the roughly 5,000 satellites already in space, the scale and nature of aerospace risks faced by primary insurance writers are constantly changing. Our team offers aerospace reinsurance solutions to keep pace with the developing risks, be they political, economic, commercial or technological.

An integrated, global aerospace team

No matter where you are in the world, if you have aerospace risk to transfer or capital to manage you'll have the full weight of our aerospace specialty team behind you.

Our integrated team approach is fundamental to the way we work. It means you can rely upon our range of client and market experience, complemented by leading analytics and broking skills, to deliver the most up-to-date advice and optimal program outcomes, including access to capital markets solutions.

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    Business planning – to help you drive your business

    Our advice is based on building a deep understanding of your goals, ambitions and aspirations, plus your risk appetite, capital structure and capacity requirements. Our market knowledge helps deliver strategic solutions that enhance profitability.

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    Data – to help you operate more efficiently

    World class understanding, analysis and interpretation of aerospace market data is central to our value proposition. As well as maintaining our own eXPRESS Aviation Major Loss Database and investing heavily in third-party data, our stringent data management controls and tools help ensure a robust approach to sourcing, security, storage, cleansing, validation and consolidation.

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    Portfolio optimisation – to help your risk selection and capacity deployment

    Using our eXPRESS Aviation Rating Application and our expertise in analyses such as probable maximum loss and realistic disaster scenario, our sophisticated modelling capability creates actionable insights in to the most strategic and cost-effective options for portfolio management.

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    Programme and product design – tailoring the right product for your needs

    Through market benchmarking and insights developed from the Willis Stochastic Aviation Model and Willis iFM, our financial modelling tool, allied to our in-depth market experience, we present well thought out reinsurance and capital management programme ideas that are sustainable and achievable.

  5. 05

    Contractual negotiation – providing you with back-to-back coverage

    We always aim to push for outcomes that are beyond the expected, all the while staying focused on removing ambiguity, minimising disputes and maximising alignment between our client and the capacity provider.

  6. 06

    Marketing, negotiation and claims – driving value, finding you the right partners and ensuring your claims are settled fast

    Needs will change. So will market players. Our people and relationships help you strike a balance between continuity and change, attracting new markets and challenging the status quo where it makes sense. The Willis Market Security team enables us to closely monitor which carriers may best suit specific placement needs.

Complementing these services we also advise on the wider enterprise risk management (ERM) programmes now routinely demanded by rating agencies and regulators, and on the management of run-off claims portfolios.

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eXPRESS Aviation Platform

Specifically designed for the aviation market, the eXPRESS Aviation Platform is a suite of underwriting analysis tools and models built on a foundation of quality datasets. It offers flexibility and an environment in which companies can share data between applications, improving data consistency and reducing time and errors.   

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