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Environmental, Social and Governance Solutions

With a wide range of environmental, social and governance (ESG)solutions, Willis Towers Watson partners with clients to help them deliver on their ESG commitments.

Environmental social and governance (ESG) can be critical to many organizations’s success. Given its growing importance, ESG issues have become a board-level priority as stakeholders – clients, employees, shareholders, interest groups, potential employees, among others – call for organizations to meet a range of goals. Expectations cover a wide range, from a commitment to respecting the environment, to treating employees well across all facets of their wellbeing to supporting inclusion and diversity and business resilience. Willis Towers Watson helps organizations meet these expectations by taking a broad, enterprise-wide view of ESG and providing a range of services and solutions across the many dimensions of ESG.

With a comprehensive, multi-dimensional ESG strategy, organizations can build the resiliency necessary to meet long-term environmental and societal risks, protect their reputations and brands and attract, retain and support the talent needed to stay ahead.


Supporting employee resilience

In terms of ESG, pay equity, executive compensation, and inclusion and diversity – all important issues – tend to get the most attention. But how organizations support their employees’ physical, emotional, financial and social wellbeing requires a myriad of policies, programs and benefit offerings as well as the creation of a positive culture and sustainable business results. To meet these challenges, Willis Towers Watson offers a similarly wide range of services.

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Climate and risk management

Managing climate and environmental risk while supporting the transition to a low carbon economy are critical to an organization’s ability to deliver on its commitments to ESG. Climate change also presents several other risks. For example, economic risk as the effects of extreme weather become more severe; physical risk associated with extreme weather; liability risk as authorities bring claims against businesses that fail to transition to a low carbon economy; and legal and reputational risks associated failing to transition to low-carbon practices.

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Investment and retirement

To support investors who would like to set out and deliver on their climate-related and sustainability goals, we provide analysis, advice, solutions and implementation support across the full range of investment decision-making and performance management, from governance, through strategy and manager selection, to ongoing monitoring.

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