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Benelux HR Talks

As you get ready for a well-deserved summer break, we invite you to watch our series of HR Talks. These conversations, joined by our WTW experts and clients, focus on our post pandemic world and what’s likely to hang around in our new reality. These pragmatic and solution oriented sessions are specially designed for HR practitioners who are eager to move forward on these topics. Watch our HR Benelux Talks series on-demand:

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How to build a compelling career experience?

The way work gets done is changing: the workplace has evolved, reskilling and upskilling is a key requirement, careers look different while promotions are now often development led. A focus on skills is therefore increasingly important to address the new reality. In this HR talk, we shared our insights as to how to create a ‘skills-first mindset’ and how to redesign work and rewards to ensure your organization is fit for the future.

With our experts Monique Driessen and Michiel Klompen

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How to incorporate ESG in Total Rewards?

Due to the shift in stakeholders and societal expectations, Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) measures have become more prevalent in Top Executives remuneration. But ESG in Total Rewards is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a critical factor that can have a major impact on company performance and employees' engagement. Leading companies are now thinking how to incorporate such measures within the broader population. In this HR talk, we discussed how meaningful ESG could be embedded into your remuneration framework.

With our experts Ludovic Wolff and Anita Kuiper

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How to connect with employees in a virtual reality?

As we slowly emerge from the grips of the pandemic, organizations need to think creatively about how and when to connect with their workforce in an effective and engaging way. In this HR talk, we will take a deeper look at how to sustain engagement amongst employees using technology as a key tool to enable connection to both people and purpose.

With our experts Hans de Goeij and Sarah McDonough

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How to equip people to navigate transformation successfully?

Change and uncertainty doesn’t have to disrupt and derail performance. In this interactive and engaging session, our experts shared practical and straightforward ways for building resilience and agility in people, helping them to be effective in change and transformation.

With our experts Daphne van der Wielen and Gabby Parry

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Is your Rewards strategy still relevant?

Flexible working and increased focus on employee wellbeing are some of the changes we have witnessed throughout the past year. Yet, all these changes have significant impact on future Rewards frameworks. In this HR talk, we provided ideas and practical advice to make your Rewards strategy sustainable and relevant in the new reality.

With our experts Raymond Wammes and Job van de Sande

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Where to start when shaping a workplace for all?

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion is not new to organizations. Yet, the pandemic has emphasized the topic and demonstrated how extensive the challenges remain. While most organizations now understand the importance of creating a workplace for all, most still wonder where to start and how to tackle this ambition. Look no further as we have some answers in this HR Talk!

With our experts Jenifer Denby and Angel Hoover

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Why employee listening is important and how this fits into an effective Employee Experience?

Delivering on a great employee experience can only be achieved by understanding what employees really think and how they feel, especially in a time of change like today. In this HR talk, we demonstrated why it is so important and how employee listening fits into an effective Employee Experience.

With our experts Yvette Verschoor and Stephen Young

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