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Article expands its options for Voluntary Supplementary Pensions for Employees

New application facilitates calculation of premiums

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By Patrick Van Malcot | August 8, 2019

Determination of max premiums involves very complex calculations. developed a user-friendly solution. Learn here what’s new.

The online application was recently further expanded.

Up to now, whether as an employee or as a self-employed person, you could (amongst other things) consult the following information:

  • Your career data
  • When you could take your (early) pension
  • The calculation of your statutory pension
  • The impact of early retirement and possible purchase of pension credit for years of study on your statutory pension
  • Your already built-up supplementary pension and death coverage. This both individually and via a company, employer or sector.

Henceforth you can also calculate the maximum amount that you can pay in via an individual VSPE contract for building up a second-pillar pension.

The determination of this maximum premium is a complex calculation, given that the conditions and limits are based on your career and already built-up supplementary pension. An application is now available via that enables you, with just a few mouse clicks, to see whether or not you qualify and what amount can be paid as premium.

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