Employers vs employees – addressing the perception gap

Australia report - 2017/18 Asia Pacific Benefits Trends Survey

November 29, 2017
| Australia

While 57% of Australian employers believe their benefits packages are a major factor in worker attraction and retention, only 36% of employees agree that their packages met their needs, according to findings from the 2017/18 Asia Pacific Benefits Trends survey report for Australia.

This comes at a time when the costs of benefits is listed as the number one employer challenge for the next three years by 72% of respondents.

In this comprehensive report, we look at the top benefits priorities for Australian employers over the next three years and show what benefits are important to your employees, including core elements and adding non-traditional benefits as well as offering flexibility and choice.

Engage on health and wellbeing

An overwhelming 81% of Australian said increasing employee engagement in health and wellbeing, including financial wellbeing, was a priority.

Despite Australia’s compulsory superannuation system, 62% of employers say they need to improve employee engagement and understanding of their retirement plan.

Nearly half of Australian employers will put other financial wellness programmes in place, highlighting that financial worries of employees while at work and the associated presenteeism costs is of major concern to business.