2017 Energy Market Review

Is change the new normal in energy markets?

May 5, 2017

Energy security and supply is a major issue for all economies. Our global Energy Market Review looks at the key themes around the world and asks: Is change the new normal in energy markets?

Economies are grappling with significant levels of change to the energy, risk management and insurance industries. We analyse the implications of those and look at the impacts of geo-political shifts, low oil prices, cost control pressures, workforce layouts, increasing regulation and the escalating risk of cyber attack.

Our leading piece of thought leadership for this sector for 2017, the review identifies current trends, risks and opportunities in the energy insurance market. Articles are written by Willis Towers Watson consultants and independent subject matter experts around the world.

The review is divided into two sections. Part one looks at the intersection of people and risk, whether captives are still relevant to the energy industry and the dangers of high temperature hydrogen attack in refineries, petrochemical and other chemical facilities. We also examine the global political outlook and its effects.

Part two looks at energy risk transfer markets, including a global carrier perspective, upstream, downstream, oil insurance, onshore construction, terrorism and political violence and third party liabilities.