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COVID normal – an operational start-up checklist to get you back to work

COVID 19 Coronavirus

By Clive Dawes | October 22, 2020

Identify risks or hazards for your business property to ensure it’s ready to get back to work.

COVID-19 restrictions are easing across Australia and it’s time for your business to develop and implement a start-up plan. This is a valuable process to identify risks or hazards, whether you’ve been forced to close or have operated at reduced capacity.

Willis Towers Watson’s Risk Advisory team has created a handy checklist, to help ensure your business property is ready to get back to work. You can avoid costly Business Interruption issues across a range of risks, including fire and explosion, water damage, legionella contamination, machinery breakdown, cyber issues and theft.

You can download the full checklist here or our risk engineers can also help create a specific plan to get your business going and growing again.

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Reopening Checklist PDF .1 MB

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