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COVID-19 and new employee financial concerns

Why financial wellbeing matters more than ever

COVID 19 Coronavirus

By Andrea Piaia and Jackie Downham | August 19, 2020

Willis Towers Watson research shows that COVID-19 has caused more than 60% of employees globally to grapple with new financial concerns.

Assisting employees to manage and maintain their physical, emotional and social health and increasingly their finances has become a priority for companies everywhere. It's not only good for employees, but a significant contributor to business performance and productivity.

In this, the first article of a new six-part series, we look at what matters most for employees when it comes to financial wellbeing and how to create an effective financial wellbeing program.

This series takes a deep dive into why employee wellness programs are becoming more important, how you can deliver a high performing employee experience as well as practical tools to drive greater financial resilience with your employees.

Employee Financial Wellbeing - Part 1

Employee Financial Wellbeing - Part 2


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Director, Retirement

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