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If robots do all the work, is there a future for diversity and inclusion?

Inclusion and Diversity|Future of Work

By Adam Hall | October 17, 2018

AI, machine learning and algorithms are already impact hiring and performance and performance management but what does the rise of technology mean for workplace bias and pay equity?

Will AI and algorithms transcend bias in hiring and performance management decisions? Proponents say yes, but we need to remember who programmes these technologies – humans with bias. If we carefully select our data inputs, the problems here are not insurmountable.

In terms of pay equity, we are seeing new approaches to understanding the problem and how to address disparities, including through analytics and algorithms but this still reflects a blunt way to assess equity.

Is the solution as simple as greater transparency? It’s not necessarily a panacea for people who feel they’re not being paid fairly, even if actual systemic inequity is reduced.

There are other possible ways to minimise inequity that focus more on the design of performance and reward systems themselves.

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