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Demo Day – Deconstructing pay for performance

Compensation Strategy & Design

By Lori Wisper | April 25, 2018

This article examines and addresses the issues that can impact the pay-for-performance process in many organizations today.

Many companies have eliminated or are considering eliminating performance ratings to change how employees experience the performance management process. Throughout this debate, pay-for-performance issues and challenges almost always surface, making it a perfect time to really examine and deconstruct the process as you work to rebuild and improve it. Regardless of whether your organization is considering going (or has already gone) ratingless, the deconstruction and rebuilding of pay-for-performance should lead to a better way to align performance with rewards, and ultimately help shape the overall employee experience.

In this article, published in the April 2018 issue of Workspan magazine, Lori Wisper uses the analogy of deconstructing and rebuilding a house to examine and address the issues plaguing the pay-for-performance process in many organizations today. The article is reproduced here with the permission of WorldatWork.

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