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A unique analytics tool, VAPOR enables global companies to assess in real dollar terms the financial impact of political risk exposure by industry and country.

VAPOR gives businesses a competitive edge by:

  • Estimating dollar-value losses for political risk events over time
  • Monitoring political risk exposures on an ongoing basis in light of changing world conditions
  • Assessing the severity of particular political risk contingencies under alternate investment scenarios

Companies that can estimate the cost of political risk contingencies over time can expect a lasting financial performance gain.


By harnessing the combined strength of Oxford Analytica’s geopolitical analysis and the extensive political risk experience of the Willis Towers Watson team, we have created an online modeling tool with the following features:

  • Investment scenario builder
  • Industry specific datasets
  • Interactive map allowing for comparative risk assessment
  • Exposure graphs
  • Easy data upload via Excel
  • Export results of the mathematically-generated portfolio value at risk results at any desired percentile

VAPOR covers six different political risk perils, across 14 industries in over 160 countries, with risk ratings updated regularly.

The outputs

The VAPOR system produces two main types of financial value outputs:

  1. An estimate of the expected cost of doing business as a result of political risk for a business in a particular industry, in a particular jurisdiction, over a given time horizon
  2. A mathematically generated estimate of the cost of a worst case political risk contingency over the portfolio of exposures globally
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