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Life & Health Industry - Reinsurance

Life, health and annuity insurance providers face a number of very different challenges, many of which can be solved or at least mitigated by well-designed reinsurance solutions. These can range from basic risk transfer to protect companies against catastrophic claims experience, through to asset intensive liabilities and guarantees which have been made more onerous because of low interest rates. 

Today, reinsurance for life insurance companies is typically about much more than just hedging mortality risk.

Common reasons for considering reinsurance options include:

  • Support new business strategies
  • Enhance profitability
  • Manage volatility of results
  • Improve the capital/solvency position

The emphasis and structure will vary according to the type of provider, the product under consideration and the objectives of the insurer. Reinsurance is being used in all areas of the Life & Health industry  – life insurance, health cover, an annuities book, savings style policies, a capital-focused transaction and long-term care funding products.

That's where the Willis Re team's experience, supported by our Insurance Consulting and Technology team's expertise in various types of products, can make a difference by providing a broad range of capital management, risk transfer, structuring and advisory, and program enhancement solutions that are tailored to specific needs. 

In a life reinsurance market that is dominated by a small number of very large companies, our clients value the objectivity and wider market reach, including access to newer and alternative reinsurers, that our team brings to the table.

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